Center which? Let’s find out.

Center Left. Center Right. Ask any liberal and they will tell you that they believe the United States electorate is, for the most part, “center left”. This means that, if a concensus could be taken of the majority of Americans, it would show them to be more liberal politically than conservative.

Ask any conservative and they will claim the opposite. Clearly, they will say, Americans are center-right, and are more conservative than liberal.

Too bad our current voting system doesn’t allow us to really find out which is the case. Only if everyone votes will we be able to truly find out whether this country is Center-right or Center-left.

There is no doubt in my mind that, as I continue publishing this blog, one of the tools that critics will use against me is the claim that I am too “partisan” to have any credibility in discussing internet voting. I am most certainly an individual of liberal lean. I fervently believe that this country IS center left. I believe the entire issue of “What’s the matter with Kansas?” revolves around our voting system. I even believe that implementation of online voting in this country would benefit the Democratic party. Oh my, what a partisan I am.

True, I am in no way a blank slate politically. But so what? Anyone who has any interest in politics and yet claims to have no political leanings whatsoever is either lying or kidding themselves.

And what about the motivations of these critics? What are THEIR political leanings? Are we to honestly believe that those who display such distaste for the concept of internet voting have no leanings at all, and no axes to grind? We are supposed to believe they are just dispassionate citizens choosing to spend their time denegrating online voting?

More likely, many of these “critics” have their own interests at heart as they rail against online voting. And often these interests will prove to be quite “special”.

After all, if conservatives believe so strongly that this country is really Center-right, why shouldn’t they be anxious to prove it?

Online voting is the way to find out which way Americans truly lean. The way some scream out against online voting, you wonder if they are afraid to find out.

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