Others seem to see the Necessity, why not US?

Sometimes we allow ourselves to get so caught up in arguments over whether something works or not, or is good enough or not, that we forget whether that thing is simply necessary or not.

This is more and more the case today in our country as we somehow find ourselves drawn into endless debate by those who want to do just that, debate, rather than implement.

Whether it be not taking steps to combat climate change because the conversation gets manipulated to being all about whether there even is climate change. Or not producing electric cars because we argue over whether they are perfect or not, as if internal combustion engines, with the oil they consume and the pollution they spit out, are perfect.

The same is true with online voting. Let’s spend a decade or so arguing over whether it can be perfect enough, as if our present systems are. Let’s spend a decade “debating” it’s merits and drawbacks. Let’s forget about whether online voting is NECESSARY today for our democracy.

As with things like solar panels and electric vehicles, other countries are going ahead and seeing the necessity of producing these things, while the U.S. jerks around about it.

I came across two pieces recently which illustrate this point.

The first is about Canada’s entrance into authorizing online voting, which many feel will literally revitalize their democracy.

The other one is about the Russian SECURITY CHIEF’S belief that democracy will DIE WITHOUT online voting.

But here in the U.S., will we choose instead to “debate” the issue forever? Because like climate change, doing nothing while we “discuss” the issue has consequences. It also plays right into the hands of the special interests. Just having the debate itself is a victory for them.

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