Upside down and inside out.

There is so much to be gained from online voting. So many more of us would vote, and that would bring our democracy to new levels. Yet when you read about this issue (what little there is to read) the discussion is somehow so often about the “dangers” of online voting. As if we have so much to lose if we adopt internet voting. It’s bizarro.

It reminds me so much of the supposed “problem” of voter fraud (where people who aren’t eligible to vote somehow do) vs. the very, very real issue of election fraud (where partisan election officials and elected officials suppress the vote of people who are eligible to vote). Election fraud and voter suppression are problems that have existed throughout our history, and certainly exist today. Yet you hear so much about the “problem” of voter fraud.

And these two issues happen to be central to arguments over online voting. After all, when opponents rant about the viability of online voting, it’s all about security.

Yet our current voting systems are rife with security problems. Our recent election history is rife with election fraud. Bizarro.

Once again, there is SO MUCH to be gained from online voting. But we will gain nothing as long as all discussion takes place in bizarroland.

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