Online Voting NOW! Say NO TO FEAR.

Enough is enough.
By all accounts, lower turnout decided what happened last week.

And here we are.

Will naysayers of online voting continue to tell us to be afraid of it?

Even after this.

Will you accept the argument that it might not be “safe” enough to use online voting to increase turnout?

Even though there is no evidence that the best current online voting platforms aren’t at least as safe for voting as other systems we depend on, such as online banking, commerce, or the filing of our taxes?

Even though low voter turnout has brought us this?

If we need to have courage in face of what is to come, it must start with rejection of fear.

Every “expert” who has peddled fear around online voting is as responsible for this as those who peddled fear of everything else. Fear mongering takes all forms.

If you think it might be crucial for voter turnout to be historically high in 2018, you better start demanding online voting – NOW.

Enough is enough.

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