Online Voting NEWS: Utah first state to offer Online Voting on March 22nd

MTP Daily Utah Online Voting

It has finally begun. Next week, the Utah Republican party will be conducting a Presidential election caucus that includes an option to vote online. This is big news.

This is not a good day for the naysayers. While they stamp their feet and tell us to be afraid of election modernization, the rest of the world is passing them by.

And stamp their feet they are. It comes as no surprise that the most prominent opponents of digital voting are doing their best to spread fear over this development. Unfortunately, the media tends to always turn to the naysayers on the rare occasion when they pay any attention to this subject.
Still, make no mistake about it, this is only the beginning. Both parties in many other states will be watching this Utah election. To say this trend could spread like wildfire is no exaggeration.

It is long past time we leave antiquated voting methods behind us.

The time to Cyber The Vote has arrived.

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