SIGN the CTV Online Voting Petition!

Despite the presence of so much Anti Internet Voting noise, I KNOW that there is support out there for what online voting can achieve.

There are people like me out there, people who understand how online voting can transform our entire political system, by transforming our voting system.

I KNOW you are out there!

Well, it’s time to make your voices heard! Right here, and RIGHT NOW!

Sign the new Cyber The Vote petition. The petition with your signature will be sent, based on the State you indicate, to Secretaries of State ACROSS THE NATION, demanding that your voices be heard and that the will of the people be met.

Add your voice to the movement to empower us all.

After signing the petition, you will be sent a confirmation email to confirm your signature as real. (NO INFORMATION you enter will be used for any other purpose whatsoever.)

Time to get to work and protect our most important right – Our RIGHT to vote!



Dear Secretary of State,

The signers of this petition ask that you recognize that their indisputable right to vote should be encouraged and accomodated by their state and election districts in every way possible, and that online voting is one of the best ways to achieve that.

We the undersigned ask you to work in every way possible to assure that election districts in your state who wish to adopt online voting are able to comply with all State election standards and requirements, without interference from the State, in a way that encourages voter participation in a substantial way as well as lowering election costs as much as possible to those districts.




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